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Whether you are looking to empower your leaders, inspire positive change in your team or build internal capability and morale, our game-changing Masterclasses will inspire, engage and equip your people for peak performance.



...getting game-changing results in tough times


High achievers have extra-ordinary stamina, commitment, and a passion for what they do – and it is this combination that takes them places.  GRIT is about mental ‘toughness’, consistency and perseverance.


How GRITTY are you, your team and your business? 


In this powerful Masterclass:

  • Our Smell of the Locker Room live poll will reveal your true GRIT

  • Our team of sporting and business legends take GRIT from the sports field into the boardroom and unpack and explore the elements of:

    • Growth mindset, Resilience, Innovation and Tenacity,

  • and share strategies to spark and grow GRIT in your teams and business. & Inclusion


...your high-performance game plan


Diversity & inclusion (D&I) are the game-changing ingredients in maximising a team’s potential and capability. 

If a team can leverage the different dimensions of diversity of its individual team members AND create a culture where each team member feels valued and included - you will have a winning game-plan.

We tackle seven D&I gamechangers:

•The role of leaders •  Unconscious Bias  •Forgetting ‘fit’  • The lens of Possibility
• Uncomfortable Conversations  • Consider your brand  • A sense of belonging


You will walk away with:

  • Enhanced understanding of all the different facets of diversity and inclusion

  • Thought-provoking lessons on diversity and inclusion from our sporting legends

  • Insights on the role leaders play in fostering D&I

  • The opportunity to surface your organisation/team’s D&I challenges

  • Practical tips and tools for sustaining D&I in the workplace.


Your needs will inform your game-plan. Get in touch with our boardroom legends to craft the ideal experience for your team. 

  • In person or online. Our virtual Masterclasses are  hosted on Remo, a live virtual event platform, we’ll bring you face to face with our legends. Click here to experience what puts Remo head and shoulders above other event platforms.

  • Duration:  Half or full-day

  • Check out our diverse team of sporting legends.

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